Add your comments to your photos – Fotobabble and Superlame!

Ever wanted to add speech bubbles or conversation to your student photos or work?
Fotobabble is just one tool that can do this easily. Another is Superlame!
Photobabble allows you to add audio, whereas Superlame allows you to add captions and to download the image to use offline.

Judith Way’s award winning blog has some suggestions about how to use Fotobabble in the classroom as well as excellent advice about how to do this ethically and responsibly.

“Students can use their own photos or those from copyright free or Creative Commons websites and then record a narration. Fotobabbles may be kept private, just remember to ensure the privacy box is ticked and click ’save’. As with most social media sites, there is a way of reporting objectionable content, but there is no way of ensuring students don’t find any, unless you investigate first and supervise use.”

Fotobable” by Judith Way from the Bright Ideas blog
April 9, 2010.

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