Feature Books Term 2 Week 7 -10

Feature Books Week 7 -10

Read the FEATURE BOOKS to your classes. Write a comment REFLECTING on the book (PLUS, MINUS or INTERESTING) about the book.

Josh and the Woo Woo‎ (David Bedford – 2009)

Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea‎ (Lee Fox, Mitch Vane – 2009)

Journey of the Sea Turtle‎ (Mark Wilson – 2009)

In the Dark‎ (Lemonfizz Media – 2010)
SHINE’s solar energy station is under threat from evil agency SHADOW.

Diablo’s Doom‎ (Sean Willmore, Alison Reynolds – 2010)

Terror in the Attic‎ (Barbara Mitchelhill – 2008)


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