Book Week 2010 Week 1 Shortlist

The books for this week’s reading and review are

The Wrong Book and Fox and Fine Feathers.

The blurbs are available at MY LIBRARY.

Read and comment below.

7 thoughts on “Book Week 2010 Week 1 Shortlist

  1. it was interesting, funny, exciting and made us want to turn the page. It was good, it had good graphics and the clue helped us imagine what picture was coming next. The Wrong Book is AWESOME!


  2. Yesterday 2G read Kip by Christina Booth. We liked the illustrations especially on the page where Kip said ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’. We also liked that the characters in the book who were complaining about Kip, actually missed him and wanted him back. Some students liked how the ending of the story was left for the reader to decide what happened. We gave this book a rating of 6/10.


  3. From 3B
    It was funny and it made us all laugh! Hilarious! Rediculously funny!
    An awesome book. An outstanding publication.
    It was terribly wrong. Great illustrations!


  4. Our class thought that Fox and Fine Feathers book was interesting,cool and awsome. The illustrations were clever,affective and realistic. Overall a good book for P-3.


  5. Shoeman the shoeman was very sad. But we thought it was still a good book to read. The illustrations were spectacular and detailed. A good book for all ages.


  6. 6H really liked the illustrations in Fox and Fine Feathers. We thought that one of the birds showed confidence and was a risk taker.


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