Book Week 2010 Week 2

The books for this week’s reading and review are

Kip and Schumann the Shoeman.

The blurbs are available at MY LIBRARY.

Read and comment below.

6 thoughts on “Book Week 2010 Week 2

  1. 3GD thought that Kip was funny, weird and mysterious. A favourite part was the surprise party at the end. One thing we would change is for the author to actually tell us what happens to Kip when he goes in the car.


  2. 6H enjoyed reading Schumann the Shoeman. We thought it was funny. Some of us thought the ending was very surprising.


  3. it was sad that the neighbours didn’t like Kip at first. Then we thought it was interesting that the neigbours didn’t like that it was so quiet because Kip was taken to the farm. We thought it is was funny when the Grandma fell off her chair when Kip crowed.


  4. 1P enjoyed Kip. We thought that it was funny but didn’t like that he goes cock a doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooooo for too long. We think he will be happy on the farm.


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