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“What is Password Bird?Password Bird is a password generator.Why should I use password bird?The bird generates random passwords from the information you provide. The result is a hard-to-guess word that is familiar and easy for you to remember.” tags: cybersafety InternetSafety passwords SALC201


Newspapers from the 1700s–2000sOver 800 newspapers across the USMillions of additional pages added every month

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“Augmented reality is exactly what the name implies – a medium through which the known world fuses with current technology to create a uniquely blended interactive experience. While still more or less a nascent entity in the frequently Luddite education industry, more and more teachers, researchers, and developers contribute their ideas and inventions towards the cause of more interactive learning environments. Many of these result in some of the most creative, engaging experiences imaginable, and as adherence grows, so too will students of all ages.” tags: augmented_reality SALC2013

Based on her experience, Bennett recommends these top 10 apps for use with elementary-school students:
1. Google Earth: (all ages) Take a virtual field trip to anywhere through this app that uses global satellite and aerial imagery with a swipe of a finger.
2. DoodleBuddy: (all ages) Students and teachers can use this across all content areas as a whiteboard equivalent to paint, draw, sketch and write.
3. Story Buddy: (K-2nd) This app allows kids to create, read and share stories that they create with the iPad.
4. Stack the States: (2nd-6th) An animated, game-based way to learn state locations, capitals, shapes, abbreviations and nicknames.
5. Geocaching: (3rd-6th) In this global treasure hunting game, participants hide and seek containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share their adventures online.
6. Numberland HD: (PK-1st) Twin heroes teach numbers using the Montessori Method.
7. Corkulous: (2nd – 6th) This app allows students to collect, organize and share ideas through notes, labels and photos.
8. iThoughtsHD: (3rd-6th) This mind-mapping tool can be used to sequence ideas, write mind-maps, organize thinking and assess interrelatedness.
9. Coin Math: (K-3rd) Students learn both sides of a coin, how to add them and how to pay for something with the correct coins.
10. StarFall ABC’s: (PK-1st) Students learn to recognize letters and develop skills as they begin to learn to read.
For more information, see Bennett’s research website: tags: Ipads research SALC2013

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