Welcome to 2014



Welcome to the new year. This year we be continuing to connect to the students in all aspects of their learning.
Our theme for this year is CONNECTED which is a part of the branding for the JS Library (Search – Ask – Learn – Connect). It is also the theme for Book Week held in Term Three – Connected to Reading.

Library borrowing will commence in Week 3. Please see your class teacher or us for more information about this. Just a reminder, we are also open before school for borrowing and strongly encourage the students to return their books once they have read them (so they can borrow again and keep reading more books!)
Parents can also become borrowers. Ask us how.

These are of just some the events in the JS Library that we will be running in Term 1.


It is Safer Internet Day on 11th February. The theme is ‘Let’s create a better internet together’ and is designed to focus on Digital Citizenship. Take some time to look at the resources on the CyberSmart website (which is an Australian Government initative) and have a discussion with your child about safe practices. We have more resources in the library to do this. Please ask.

Please feel free to drop in (even if you you any have a spare 30 minutes) and offer your services. We can always find a way for you to be involved and help the library. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Julia Boulton
Teacher Librarian
Innovation & E-Learning Leader

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