JS Library

JS Library

The Junior Library blog page is a direct link to what is happening in the Junior Library.

Alternatively go the to the Junior Library MOODLE page (password required) or to our pages on EDMODO

The Junior Library is  not only a place to read and borrow books, but we are also able to help you with your UOI, research tasks, ICT and much more.

If you wish to make a suggestion about the Junior Library or a recommend a book you have read either post a response here or go to the Junior Library Chatroom (password required).

Join the READING CLUB @ EDMODO  or become a FRIEND OF THE LIBRARY or if you are in Yr 5 & 6 become an Library Mentor or ICT Mrntor.

Are you interested in ICT?

Want to help other students in the JS School with ICT?
Come see me to learn how and become an  ICT MENTOR.



71 thoughts on “JS Library

  1. I love the twisted journeys there the best. I recomend it for people who wish they could chose the story at direrent times of the book.


  2. I like to read zac power and tranformers because thay are funky and you go on misson and you get pitcure in the middle.


  3. I love Anna Wilsons storys because it has got so much adventure in it. The book I am reading is Fariy Stories.


  4. I love Andy Griffiths’s story’s because he makes up really funny books! I also like Paul Jenning’s storys because he uses his imaganary stuff! I also love Roald Dahl!


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