I believe..

This is the first post for my next learning journey….

I have been updating my online presence and reflected on what I believe as an educator and how I feel I can make a difference to those I come in contact with.

See more of my work and reflections at my Google site.

Additional Resources

The wikis below are now hosted and being rebuilt due to the wikispaces closure.

  • PBWorks The Road Not Taken to replace the sites below.
  • Innovation and eLearning wikispaces (EdOfICT)
  • ICT and the Junior School wikispaces 

Year 2 and the Makerspace

Year 2 and the Makerspace

Central Idea 

Technology has changed over time and influences the way people live.

Key Concepts    

  • Change and Connection

Related Concepts

  • Innovation and Discovery

Lines of Inquiry

  • What technology is.
  • How technology has changed over time.
  • Ways technology has influenced our lives.

Design Task

Future Technology: Design a Car

Future Design Challenge


Book Week School Library Tour

Tour School Libraries for Book Week.

Welcome to Children’s Book Week.  You are invited to tour school libraries and see what they are doing for Book Week this year and take a peek into their library.

Various school libraries have added their details to the Google Form and these have been added to Google Tour Builder.

Select the link below to view the tour in your web browser (select – Play Full Screen).

Google School Libraries Tour

Navigate using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the Google Tour webpage (use link above). Alternatively, you can download the KMZ file (for Google Earth) and play it there.

School Tour how to


The JS School Library Tour 360

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Causation and Change: then and now


Use the slider on the images below to see how the College has changed over the years.


In the beginning to an aerial photo of the College.

https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=906bd878-4ec2-11e6-8965-0e7075bba956The building of the Worship Centre

https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=d5c4c7e0-4ec2-11e6-8965-0e7075bba956The Multi-Purpose Hall

https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=a29168ee-4eca-11e6-8965-0e7075bba956The COLA (Covered Over Learning Area)


The Junior School Library – causation and change

https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=f0ebc088-4e44-11e6-8965-0e7075bba956Images created using a Juxtapose slider tool.