Oliver and Reading Lists survey

In order to improve the use of resources in the JS Library, the Oliver catalogue has the function of READING LISTS.

All teachers and students have been introduced to this resource.

In order to make the most of the function READING LISTS and to ensure it meets your needs, please complete the survey below.

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Flipstack Webtool Mashup – Blooms, MI and more

Webtool Mashup – Integrating Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple intelligences and Webtools

This tool has great application for the classroom and Professional Learning.

Some of its features include the ability to save the work as a PDF and to embed the results.


An example of this tool being used for Professional Learning is below.This FlipSnack was created by Kirsten Lange as a way to present key words (using wordle) for each year level using the Australian Curriculum and Mathematics learning area. It is an excellent example of blending two Web2.0 tools.




One of my favourite ways to differentiate in the classroom is to design inquiry using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Colleen Young has gathered some of the many resources created to support the teaching with Bloom’s into her LIVEBINDER simply called Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Rethink your teaching and use Bloom’s as just one of the tools to support your students with ICT and Information Literacy!

Curation tools for Students & Teachers

Don’t Bookmark, Curate Online Content

“A content curation tool, in simple English, lets you easily pull videos, images, presentations, tweets, blog posts and other web content into a collection which you can then embed, publish or share online. I have been testing a few online curation tools and here’s a quick review of them all to help you pick the right one for your needs.”
Blog post by Amit Agarwal (Digital Inspiration)

Joyce Valenza also discusses the place of curation tools in researching.She called curation “the new search tool“.

AND check out this LIVEBINDER by Carolyn Jo Starkey.

This concept seems like a great way to share easily from many places.
I use a variety of tools but this seems like the way to go. Anything that makes researching and collaboration simpler is a good idea.

Image Source

Building a PLN for Chaplains

The National Lutheran Chaplains Conference is into its last day.
On Wednesday, I presented about how to develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network) for Chaplains.

This is my JSSALC wiki page with the resources and see below for the prezi!

.prezi-player { width: 350px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }http://prezi.com/bin/preziloader.swf

Hopefully a few ideas were useful for the participants and I have gained a few more people to follow on twitter! See you in the twitterverse. Thanks for the experience (see #luthchap2011 on twitter)!

PS: See the tweet cloud @ visible tweets.

The 50 books every child should read

Micheal Grove from The Independent (UK) recommends 50 books that every child should read.

What would you recommend or add to this list?

Put a post it on PINDAX (like wallwisher) or reply below.

One of my recommendations is the Chronicle of Darkness series by Michelle Paver.

Go the the PINDAX here or post below.

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