Book Hooks designed using the Green Screen

This term interested student have created a Book Hook using the Green Screen, some creativity and the iPad app Green Screen by DoInk.

book hookThe process involved 4 steps.

1) Select your book and decide how to “sell” your book.

2) Take a photo of what you want as your background (to replace the green screen) using the CAMERA app.

3) Record your video using CAMERA app.

4) Open the GREEN SCREEN app and add the photo and then the video.

Preview then PUBLISH.

More detail at Use Green Screen Effects on the iPad

See the book hooks created by the students below (support was provided in the actual process).



For the month of September we are going to take a slightly different approach to the physical swapping of stories and instead swap stories by swapping the author and writer of the story in a Junior School progressive story writing attempt.

Progressive Story Writing in the JS Library

As each class comes to the library for their library session, they will add to the story prompt (one line per class). We are going to add to the story starter the “Blue Monster Story Starter”.

This story will be available via a collaborative document (and on the JS Library OPAC home page) and via a hard copy.

More ideas for Progressive Story Writing


Use a stimulus such as photos as a prompt to start the story

Art and Visualisation

see the iPad Art Room – Cathy Hunt

Monster Stories

The first monster story that comes to mind is the classic Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Use the following search

  • KEYWORD monster
  • TYPE picture book



There are many apps that allow to you create (and then swap stories). One of these is the Write About app.

More at




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The Australian Children’s Laureate: enriching the lives of young Australians through the power of story.



 May the 27th 2015

See the website link for more information about the event.


Yesterday, we celebrated NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS STORYTIME for the first time.

We began by viewing the AUSLAN version of this year’s selected book – The Brothers Quibble

The AUSLAN translator was very animated and funny. This added to the viewing of the story.



An interview with Aaron Blabey about The Brothers Quibble

The Brothers Quibble from Story Box Library on Vimeo.



A Year 3 classroom teacher (Mr Dalby)  had eagerly offered to share and read during this  time.


Permissions for the use of The Brothers Quibbly book cover 

Mr Dalby read some of his favourite books, two of these are listed below:

  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Emily Loves To Bounce (actually anything by Stephen Michael King is high on his list).


It was lovely to see the students enjoying the simple pleasure of being read to. Thanks to those who participated in the event and we hope to make it an annual event.


See more books by Aaron Blabey.

One of his books is Thelma the Unicorn (which is one of the books we have identified as being a BEST READ ALOUD BOOK) .

Hear him reading it below.





Which book would you read to the world?

“Everyone needs stories read to them: Mum, Grandpa, the dog, and the monster under the bed.” Source

5.-Read-the-World-a-Story thumb

The Share a Story theme for May is perfect for an IB and PYP school. Looking through the lens of  Internationalism, PYP and picture books we examine literature that develops the IB Concepts, Learner Profile and Attitudes.

PYP and Fiction

We have many of these books in our library. Which have you read?

A couple of my favourites are  Mirror (because of the uniqueness of the layout and the dual story) and The Island (specifically because of the power of the illustrations).

Another two I recommend are If the World were a Village and We Are All Born Free (although we have these in our Non-Fiction collection).

Q: What is your favourite (picture book) story?

Have a look at these suggestions


We will be surveying and voting for our Top 10 Picture Book Read Alouds.

Another fantastic way to celebrate reading is through the national event of simultaneous storytime where students around Australia read the same book, on the same day (… at the same time).

National Simultaneous Storytime 2015

On May 27th we will be celebrating National Simultaneous Storytime. The book this year is The Brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey.

Resources to help celebrate NSS

In the JS Library we also be promoting this through the Feature Books.

Feature Books

During the term we will be re-reading (and for some introducing) the picture books that have featured over the years.

List from

So, What story would you share with someone else?  Feel free to share below.

Follow the tweets at  #readtheworldastory and #shareastorycalendar


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May 2015 Feature Books – LibraryThing