For the month of September we are going to take a slightly different approach to the physical swapping of stories and instead swap stories by swapping the author and writer of the story in a Junior School progressive story writing attempt.

Progressive Story Writing in the JS Library

As each class comes to the library for their library session, they will add to the story prompt (one line per class). We are going to add to the story starter the “Blue Monster Story Starter”.

This story will be available via a collaborative document (and on the JS Library OPAC home page) and via a hard copy.

More ideas for Progressive Story Writing


Use a stimulus such as photos as a prompt to start the story

Art and Visualisation

see the iPad Art Room – Cathy Hunt

Monster Stories

The first monster story that comes to mind is the classic Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Use the following search

  • KEYWORD monster
  • TYPE picture book



There are many apps that allow to you create (and then swap stories). One of these is the Write About app.

More at




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Year 3 and Specialist

The Year 3 students had a combined session with their Specialist teachers this week.

What have Year 3 been learning?

The  Year 3students have been learning  How the world works.  They have been expresing the emotions of fishermen working on their boats.  The dance goes with the soran bushi song to depict hauling nets, throwing baskets of fish over their shoulders and putting nets out.

This Sorin Bushi dance can be viewed on YouTube on morocojin’s Channel.


Year 3 and Specialists on PhotoPeach