End of Year -Stocktake


This is a strange time of year as it is a tiring, yet satisfying experience. Although we do strategically stocktake different sections of the collection throughout the year, the end of year stocktake is much more significant and allows us to put the library back in place in preparation for the new year.
Stocktake is a time to take measure of what we do have, become re-acquainted with old friends and say good-bye to others. It can be hard to say good-bye to some items, so it is important use your Collection Management Policy  and acronyms such as  the MUSTY as a guide.

The following haiku deck is a great reminder for the staff about weeding the non-fiction collection.

This haiku  was created by Dianne MacKenzie (Library Grits)

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad