New standard makes whiteboard content more accessible

Ever wanted to use that IWB but the software is not compatible with the one the school is using? There is hope – and Common File Format (CFF) coming…

“Our goal was to make all files interchangeable through a generic file format,” explained Hedrick Ellis, senior project manager for RM Education. “We wanted something any word processor could open.”said Steve Lucey

Stay tuned for more information…

eschool news Common File Format developed for U.K. interactive whiteboard content, and U.S. could be next
By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor
April 2, 2010.

Word Magnets – Web 2.0 & great for IWB



Reviewed by Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom creators.

Read below for  some uses suggested by them

Word Magnets has many other uses in the classroom such as…

  • type in a sentence or copy a paragraph of text and have the students arrange the words into the correct order
  • type in a sentence and then have students create extra word magnents to extend the sentence
  • colour code the nouns, adjectives, verbs etc in sentences
  • sort ideas about any topics into a Venn diagram
  • create a flow chart or mind map about a certain topic or idea
  • create a family tree
  • make all sorts of lists or comparisons!

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