What kids want in books


Great reading and visuals at Scholastic’s Reading Report

Screenshot sourced from the report above and redesigned using ComicBook app.

@Scholastic: Here’s what kids ages 6-17 told us they want in the #books they read for fun: http://t.co/Gbx2uxUK0f #KFRR http://t.co/Dgg1ejQPNr

Making Connections with apps

Making connections….

with what we do in the JS Library and what is possible in the classroom.

I believe that FOTOBABBLE is an excellent tool for Lower Primary classrooms as it is simple to use as it uses image and audio to create a shareable moment.

It is also web browser friendly, iPad friendly (using an iPhone app) and free!

This is an example of a fotobabble about new resources in the library and the connections to the PYP.



This tutorial about using FOTOBABBLE in the classroom explain the features, as well as some uses for FOTOBABLE in  the classroom.


Feature Books Term 2 Week 7 -10

Feature Books Week 7 -10

Read the FEATURE BOOKS to your classes. Write a comment REFLECTING on the book (PLUS, MINUS or INTERESTING) about the book.

Josh and the Woo Woo‎ (David Bedford – 2009)

Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea‎ (Lee Fox, Mitch Vane – 2009)

Journey of the Sea Turtle‎ (Mark Wilson – 2009)

In the Dark‎ (Lemonfizz Media – 2010)
SHINE’s solar energy station is under threat from evil agency SHADOW.

Diablo’s Doom‎ (Sean Willmore, Alison Reynolds – 2010)

Terror in the Attic‎ (Barbara Mitchelhill – 2008)