Year 3 Term 3


Central idea: People interact with, use and value local environments in different ways.

Key Concepts: Causation, Perspective

Lines of inquiry:

  • Development in our local area
  • There are different viewpoints about development



Natural EnvironmentGold Coast environment Natural EnvironmentsMeeting community needs ALTERNATIVES TO PPT WEB2.0 PRESENTATION TOOLS

Action Town



Central idea: Scientific discoveries contribute to our understanding of the world

Key Concepts: Reflection, Causation
Lines of inquiry:

  • Interpreting scientific results
  • Impact of scientific discoveries
Other resources

Where we are in place and time


Central idea:

Discoveries and explorations have changed the way we view the world.

Lines of inquiry:

  • Discoveries and exploration of the solar system
  • Changing  features that are observable in the Earth’s sky
  • Earth’s rotation and its connection with the phases of the moon


Try these links as a place to start exploring….

Introduction to space exploration  and Amazing Space explorations.

Or these ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY and EYE ON THE SKY – hands on activities for kids.

Don’t forget to go to the Year 3  moodle page!

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9 thoughts on “Year 3 Term 3

  1. The dioramas that the students have created for this unit are MAGNIFICENT. Feel free to come in and see them and ask the students all about their chosen living thing. The dioramas will be in the classrooms until Student Led Conference day.


  2. So far I have learnt that the acid in your body is called hydrochloric acid. I didn’t know that there were veins behind your eyeball.


  3. I’ve learnt that there’s a disease called emphasema. I also learnt that the heart is a cardiac muscle. There are 2 tubes, the epiglottis is the trapdoor at the top of the eating and breathing tubes.


  4. I have learnt that the red blood vessels are called arteries and the blue blood vessels are called veins. White blood cells mostly only protect you from infections.


  5. The heart is a cardiac muscle. Cancer is a cell that decides to do whatever it wants and does not do its job anymore and grows into a tumour. Your skin holds your bones in. Your heart and lungs are protected by your rib cage.


  6. I have learnt that the red blood cells get oxygen to the lungs and the white blood cells fight the germs. Mr Hampshire came and taught us all about our bodies. The heart has 4 chambers.


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