Year 5 Term 2

How the world works

Central idea:

Energy exists in different forms and has an impact on society and our environment.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Forms and interactions of energy and energy transfers
  • Collection and generation of different forms of energy
  • The impact of energy use on the environment and society
  • Energy sustainability for the future

Have you looked at this ENERGY HOTLIST?

Play the energy saving game at Ollie’s world.

Image sourced -Saving Energy site




Central idea:

Visual elements contribute to the expression of ideas and feelings

Key Concepts – Form, Causation

Related Concepts – Energy, Interactions, Expression

Lines of Inquiry

  • Properties of light
  • Light changing the aesthetics of our environment
  • Light enables the expression of feelings and ideas

Learn about sound waves on instaGrok, the research engine:



Music and file formats

The Digital Representation of Sound

Morse code – visually and aurally

Translating Morse code into music

Students investigate codes that are representations of data, for example morse code and semaphore.


Music and devices

File formats

Digital audio

·         Analog to digital conversion

·         Sampling of sound

·         Audio file formats

·         For more information links

Part One: Sound and Timbre

Morse code – video

Morse code alphabet – PDF

Morse code app (android)

Sound representation

Morse code Mambo – lesson plan

Morse code and music

Unifix Cube Drum Machine

Codes in a song — Modems

How we express ourselves (previous year’s UOI)

Central idea:

People’s outward appearance can lead to perceptions and misconceptions.

Key Concepts: Perspective, Form

Lines of inquiry:

  • Personal clothing and identity
  • Reasons for what people wear
  • Various perceptions and misconceptions 

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