Year 6 Term 1


This year Year Six are inquiring into systems of governments.
Central idea:

Societies use a variety of systems to manage themselves.

Key Concepts: Function and Connection

Lines of inquiry:

  • The systems of governments
  • The relationships between governments
  • The differences and similarities of government systems


An excellent picture book to introduce this concept is “Cows That Type”.

More resources to examine this unit are on the Year Six Moodle page.


Year 6 are also inquiring into HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES.

See below for the central idea and lines of inquiry.

Central Idea:

Art stimulates a variety of responses.

Key Concepts: Causation, Perspective

Lines of inquiry:

  • The diverse ways in which people express ourselves
  • The different ways people respond to creative expression
  • Understanding why art creates a particular response
  • The different perspectives of monotheistic religions

Go to WIKIMEDIA COMMONS to begin your inquiry into ARTISTS…

Browse the HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES livebinder.

This thinkquest will give you a taste of some of the famous artists over time – FAMOUS ARTISTS.

If you are a member of the GOLDCOAST CITY LIBRARIES then go the Online Database and go to OXFORD Art Online. You will need to user for GCCL borrower details to access this database.


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